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After two years of unprecedented disruption, Bayer wanted to engage its most valued suppliers in a redesign of how they would collaborate and grow together going forwards... with sustainability at the core. Having worked with Supplier Day on its bi-annual Bayer Supplier Day in November 2021, Bayer is now restructuring its supply chain collaboration programme to feature more frequent virtual events, large and small, to capture the true power of its supplier community.

Mixed Messages

It is a classic story, as old as time, of the tensions found between buyers and sellers. We have all heard the horror stories that have occurred from either side of the scale, Buyer focuses on cutting costs while suppliers fall short of their promised deliverables.

Vodafone has been on a big value creation transformation journey, aiming to evolve its positioning from being just a telecoms company to becoming a tech comms platform. On this panel, charied by Caitlyn Lewis (MD SupplierDay), Ninian Wilson (CEO Vodafone Procurement Company), Kenneth Graham, (CEO Tomorrow Street), Paresh Modi (Group Head Of Innovation at Vodafone) and Chris Howath (MD Global Account Lead at Accenture), talk about how they collaborate cross-organisationally to deliver value through collaboration.

Marc Engel has been centrally involved with the movement that Unilever has been making for over a decade now towards sustainability and engaging intensely with suppliers to build out their supplier ecosystem. Unilever started its sustainability journey with a program called Partner to Win, and recently they’ve launched a new program called Partners with Purpose. Marc shares with us what this journey has looked like, where Unilever is now, and what the next steps are going to be for Partners to Purpose.

Top 20 Clubhouse Procurement Profiles

Whether you rolled your eyes at the announcement of Clubhouse’s launch or were one of the first to get yourself a profile on the platform, there’s no denying that it is a great channel for dialling things back a bit: In an era of video call after video call, interrupted only by a little bit of homeschooling,

Monthly Reflections: November 2021

November has been far from quiet. We knew what was lined up, but experiencing it is so different. When we hold client events, the whole team becomes immersed within the process and it is only after its end that we can take a deep breath and reflect back on how it went. This month we...