ProcurementNovember 21, 2021by Isha SharmaMonthly Reflections: November 2021

November has been far from quiet. We knew what was lined up, but experiencing it is so different. When we hold client events, the whole team becomes immersed within the process and it is only after its end that we can take a deep breath and reflect back on how it went.

This month we hosted 2 virtual Supplier Days for Bayer and BAT. We saw several months worth of hard work manifesting right before our eyes and the feeling was beyond exhilarating. Pride and pleasure was felt collectively by the entire Supplier Day team.

It was a privilege to receive first hand insights into each company’s Sustainability and ESG commitments. Despite the size and scope of each event being drastically different, they both engaged with their respective suppliers and created a lasting impact on all attendees – many of whom were participating in their VERY FIRST virtual supplier day.

As a company, we have gone from strength to strength. Despite being in different countries, we still managed to find the chance to catch up and collaborate together as a team. In the midst of such busy months, it is important  to check-in with each other and remind them that we are always there to help.

Events are certainly a core feature of Supplier Day, but none of it would be possible without the tremendous efforts of every single team member. The dedication that they bring to the table is the best reward that a tight-knit company like ours can experience. These are the things that bonds our small Supplier Day family together.

Our passion and hard work is really starting to pay off! The next month will certainly bring lots of new things for us, and no matter what comes our way, we’re going to have a lot of fun tackling it together.