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  Supplier events can hold a great deal of value for an organisation looking to communicate and collaborate with their supply chain. It provides Procurement functions with a chance to connect with their suppliers and convey strategic updates, launch new initiatives, or simply celebrate the successes the company and suppliers have achieved despite industry challenges. ...

What is Supplier Branding and why should you care

At Supplier Day, we strongly believe that the concept of Customer of Choice is no longer fit for purpose. Organisations and their Procurement Functions need to shift their focus beyond their strategic suppliers and onto the value any supplier can provide, especially when they feel passionate and excited about a particular initiative. And the best way to do this is by creating their very own Supplier Branding.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

  What does doing nothing truly mean for your suppliers and your sustainability strategy?   In today’s world, organisations increasingly recognise the importance of sustainability in their operations, not just for their bottom line but also for the future of our planet and society. One of the key areas where organisations can make a significant...

  Supplier Day teamed up with Siemens and Enterprise to develop and host ‘The Regenerate Movement’, a bespoke series of events designed to tap into their supplier relationships and unlock true supplier and enterprise value.   Over the course of 5 months, Siemens and Enterprise worked closely with their suppliers, GEOTAB, TripShift, Fleet Operations, Energy Saving...

Emma Howcroft is the Global Sourcing Sustainability Director of Avantor Sciences, a life sciences company focusing on biopharma lab consumables and chemicals. Emma is in charge of launching Avantor’s new Responsible Suppliers Program, with the goal to accelerate sustainability within the company’s external supply chain. In this video, she shares some of the successes and...

How can the Aviation Industry fly towards a better future

The aviation industry has experienced significant changes over the last few years. From a global pandemic which brought all flying to a halt, to the increasing need to reduce their carbon emissions, airlines have had to recognise a shift in industry priorities and adapt accordingly. But what are some of the main challenges airlines are currently facing, and how can working closely with their suppliers provide them with a solution?

What is a Supplier Day and Why is it important?

Supplier days has been around for years, and yet many organisations know very little about what it is and just how much it can help them. Suppliers are one of the most valuable assets within any organisation but in order to foster stronger relationships and gain alignment on your core values, you need more than your standard forms of communications. You need a supplier day!