Top 20 Clubhouse Procurement Profiles

Whether you rolled your eyes at the announcement of Clubhouse’s launch or were one of the first to get yourself a profile on the platform, there’s no denying that it is a great channel for dialling things back a bit: In an era of video call after video call, interrupted only by a little bit of homeschooling,

Clubhouse offers the simplicity of listening to live conversations between thought leaders on topics none of us have easy answers to.

This couldn’t be more true for the world of procurement. Whether leaders are tasked with building more resilience into their supply chain, simply surviving the pandemic or transforming their organisation to be more sustainable, there’s no doubt they can’t do it alone. And because of this, business leaders are reimagining the role procurement plays in business strategy and transformation. There are already some fantastic figureheads in procurement who have built their profile on Clubhouse to share their experiences, have fascinating conversations and start the movement for reimagining procurement. We’ve created this list as a guide to who you should be following on Clubhouse to embed your procurement knowledge with a variety of rich conversations.


Clubhouse Super Users

Madison L. Mobley (@madisonlmobley)

Enterprise Sales Director, Fairmarkit

3,600+ followers

For a Clubhouse super user, look no further than Madison L. Mobley. A self-declared “next generation procurement enthusiast”, Madison founded the “Power to the Procurement People” club and she hosts weekly sessions including a “Break into ProcureTech Spotlight” slot and a “Ask a Procureperson anything” session. She’s a big advocate for supplier diversity programs and brings a great perspective to women in procurement initiatives.

#womeninprocurement #supplierdiversity #superuser #procurementtech #procurementcommunity

Mike Cadieux (@mcadieux52)

Founder, Procurement Foundry

1,500+ followers

The former CPO of Publicis Groupe turned founder of Procurement Foundry has grown the 4,000 people strong community to become the world’s premier Sourcing Industry group. Mike hosts an “Ask Me Anything” club session with procurement thought leaders and the Procurement Foundry group on Clubhouse is 961 members strong and they’re using the platform for real-time audio meetups, education and thought-sharing events where they cover all aspects of indirect procurement, strategic sourcing, cost management and contract negotiations amongst many other topics.

#thoughtleader #community #sourcing #founder #procurementcommunity


Sarah Barnes Humphrey (@bevictoryus)

CEO, Shipz & Founder/Host, Let’s Talk Supply Chain

1,200+ followers

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is in the top 100 Women Leaders in Supply Chain and it’s no surprise why: she’s won the Womentech Start up Award for her procuretech platform, Shipz and she hosts the top supply chain podcast “Let’s Talk Supply Chain”. She’s a firm believer that collaboration is the future of supply chain and so she’s using her profile on Clubhouse to cover topics like supply chain, air and ocean freight, logistics and entrepreneurship.

#supplychainleader #founder #tech #contentcreator #womeninsupplychain #procurementcommunity

Brian Aoaeh (@brianlaungaoaeh)

Co-Founder & Partner, REFASHIOND Ventures

1,200+ followers

Brian Aoaeh is a next-gen supply chain tech specialist and an early-stage supply chain VC. He’s founded the Supply Chain Technology Collective on Clubhouse where he hosts 5 types of conversations: Supply Chain Tech Startup Spotter; The Supply Chain of ____ to deep dive into a specific organisation; Supply Chain & Operations in the News; Fireside Chats to explore supply chain, innovation and technology and; Supply Chain Tech VC office hours.

#venturecapital #supplychaintech #supplychainleader #investor #procurementcommunity

Toni Careccio (@tonicareccio)

Director of Marketing, PortPro

1,200+ followers

Toni Careccio is the co-organiser of the New York Supply Chain Meetup Group and former Co-Founder & COO of Axle, a logistics tech company acquired by Konexial. Her interests lie in supply chain, venture capital, investing and technology and she’s an active member of the Power to the Procurement People, Procurement Foundry and Supply Chain Technology Collective clubs on Clubhouse.

#venturecapital #supplychain #advisor #womeninsupplychain #tech

Clubhouse 2.jpeg

Clubhouse Super Contributors

Dustin Lanier (@dustinlanier)

Founder & Principal Consultant, Civic Initiatives

Dustin is an active speaker and content creator on Clubhouse. He specializes in how government procurement works and how it can work better and what procuretech is. He’s a great addition to any conversation and one of the few people who can speak from experience around government contracting.

#procurement #procuretech #govcon #practitioner

Felix Plapperer (@felixplapperer)

Principal, Paua Ventures

Felix is a principal at Paua Ventures and he’s taken a particular interest in procuretech and how automation and democratisation can help the world of supply chains and procurement. He talks with knowledge about the world of venture capital and the trends taking hold in tech.

#investor #venturecapital #procuretech

Tina Fegent (@tinafegent)

Director, Tina Fegent Limited

Tina Fegent brings a different perspective to the procurement world on Clubhouse as she focuses on Marketing Procurement. She’s chair of the UK Procurement Body’s Marketing Procurement Group and is active on the Marketing Procurement Mavens club where they share tips on how procurement and marketing can collaborate together and discuss print, media, agency and technology sourcing strategies.

#marketingprocurement #practitioner #thoughtleader #womeninprocurement #procurementcommunity

Mark Perera (@mark.perera)

Co-Founder & CEO, Vizibl

This wouldn’t be a list about leaders in procurement if Mark Perera wasn’t on it. He’s founder and CEO of Vizibl which won Gartner Cool Vendor in 2020. As an investor in Procurement & Supply Chain Tech he hosts a weekly Clubhouse meeting on Thursdays to pick the brains of other procurement figureheads to help him reimagine procurement. Mark is passionate about sustainability and his previous sessions have included building sustainable business growth through supplier collaboration and sharing procurement start-up to scale-up stories.

#founder #procuretech #suppliercollaboration #investor #sustainableprocurement #advisor

Noah Eisner (@neisner)

CEO, Seed to Scale Advisors

Noah co-founded Coupa Software (Nasdaq: COUP) and now he is an early-stage investor and advisor to a variety of young enterprise/B2B startups. He’s able to combine his strong technical skill set with his experience in procurement and from his previous life as an executive at Oracle and Amazon Web Services.

#founder #procuretech #investor #advisor

Stefan Aichbauer (@djeagle)

Managing Partner, h&z Management Consulting

Stefan describes himself as a #headhearthand evangelist and a passionate entrepreneur and consultant. As a managing partner at h&z he focuses on advising clients on digital transformation where he brings in the human perspective and the complexities of cultural transformation that complements the journey. h&z hosts a Clubhouse session on Thursdays in German. If his username is anything to go by, he’ll be offering some much appreciated light entertainment to our clubhouse sessions too!

#thoughtleader #transformation #tech

Lance Younger (@lanceyounger)

CEO, Procure Tech

ProcureTech Founder and CEO Lance Younger is a welcome addition to any Clubhouse session you’re planning on hosting. Just like Stefan, he leads transformational business change working with companies like GSK, Vodafone, Jaguar Land Rover and Dyson. He brings a well-grounded perspective to conversations around procurement transformation, digital procurement, enterprise cost reduction, sustainable procurement, supplier management and digital procurement ecosystems. Not only this but he’s a champion of entrepreneurship through advisory and mentorship roles.

#founder #procuretech #transformation #sustainableprocurement #thoughtleader

Clubhouse Users We Can’t Wait to Hear From

Pierre Thaler (@pierreov)

Co-Founder & CEO, EcoVadis

For someone who is using his sense of purpose to create positive change in the world, look no further than Pierre Thaler. Co-founder and CEO of EcoVadis, he’s passionate about creating tech for good, sustainable supply chains and driving the adoption of ESG practices.

#sustainableprocurement #procuretech #founder #thoughtleader

Martina Buchhauser (@themartina)

Board Advisor

Martina Buchhauser’s experience in the automotive industry is unrivalled: she’s worked with Volvo Cars, BMW, MAN and General Motors over the past 30 years and as a board advisor she focuses on sustainability, collaboration and change and people development in the realm of procurement transformation. She shares her experiences of enterprise-level organisations and offers thoughtful perspectives to entrepreneurs in the procurement space to drive the progression we all want to see.

#advisor #thoughtleader #procurementtransformation #sustainableprocurement

Matthias Gutzmann (@matthiasdpw)

Founder, Digital Procurement World

Matthias is an aficionado when it comes to digital procurement and exploring platforms to bring the procurement community together. He started Digital Procurement World because he was frustrated by the state of conferences for procurement: prohibitively expensive, no investor presence and they failed to attract an audience of startup businesses. So, whilst he’s on his mission to drive digital procurement and innovation, we have no doubt he’ll bring a lot to the table when it comes to Clubhouse.

#founder #digitalprocurement #procurementcommunity

Jason Busch (@jasondbusch)

Founder, Azul Partners (Spend Matters & Metal Miner)

Jason has built his expertise in procurement, finance and B2B technology to found Spend Matters and MetalMiner. In his role, he supports firm strategy, launches new ventures and helps clients on M&A strategy. We can’t wait to see what perspectives he brings to Clubhouse and the procurement community!

#founder #advisor #thoughtleader

Detlef Schultsz (@menlo)

Chairman of the Board, Vodafone Procurement Company

In his role as Chairman of the Board of the Vodafone Procurement Company, Detlef shares his skills in Negotiation, International Business, Strategic Partnerships and Strategic Sourcing. If we’re honest, we’re just hoping he’ll impart his wealth of experience to the Clubhouse procurement world to make us all better practitioners.

#advisor #thoughtleader #investor

Nandini Basuthakur (@nandinibasu)

CEO, Procurement Leaders

This list wouldn’t be worth a thing if we didn’t include Nandini Basuthakur. And, to be frank, the Clubhouse procurement community wouldn’t have the potential it does without leaders like her taking an interest in it. As the CEO of Procurement Leaders, she knows a thing or two about building deep knowledge and how to share those. Might there be a Clubhouse Procurement Leaders group soon? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we’ll settle for some of the rich insights that Nandini might share in our existing sessions.

#thoughtleader #procurementcommunity #womeninprocurement

Tim Minahan (@tminahan)

EVP Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix

One of the newest additions to Clubhouse, we can’t wait to hear what TIm has to say. He’s an active evangelist on technology and business trends and is a published author on topics like business transformation and technology. He has a strong track record in strategic alliances and if his previous work is anything to go by, the perspectives he brings to Clubhouse procurement sessions will impact our thinking to push our strategies even further.

#thoughtleader #advisor #technology #transformation

Peter McMorris (@peter.mcmorris)

Partner, The Partnering Group

Peter McMorris has 20 years experience with Unilever, having held leadership positions in Procurement, reporting directly to the CPO, Manufacturing, Category management and Strategy in several locations across the globe. He recently moved into a consultancy role in The Partnering Group. We’re excited for him to share his experience in building strategies, savings and restructuring activities and working with trade unions to our Clubhouse procurement communities.

#procurementtransformation #thoughtleader #suppliercollaboration


It’s when you start creating a list like this that you realise what a rich community of founders, investors, expert practitioners and thought leaders  exists in Procurement. And we’re firm believers that it’s a platform like Clubhouse that will bring the procurement community together to ignite collaboration and innovation that will drive the transformation we want to see towards purposeful procurement practices. We’re looking forward to updating this list every quarter as Clubhouse grows and we welcome new procurement individuals to the space!

P.S. Look out for our Thursday afternoon sessions on Reimagining Procurement.