Mixed Messages

It is a classic story, as old as time, of the tensions found between buyers and sellers. We have all heard the horror stories that have occurred from either side of the scale, Buyer focuses on cutting costs while suppliers fall short of their promised deliverables.

But if we know the ending to this story so well, then why do we continue to make the same mistakes?

Buyers and sellers need to move away from having a transactional relationship and focus on understanding what the other requires.

But relationships still seem to be hindered by miscommunication. Sellers want to do the best for their customers but feel that they are insufficiently informed about what is expected of them. Buyers want to bring fresh innovation within their business, but lack the technical ability to comprehend whether an idea or a set goal is truly feasible.

Something needs to change, sooner rather than later, to break down this communication barrier and allow both Procurement and Suppliers to evolve beyond their standard industry tropes.

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