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  Supplier Day teamed up with Siemens and Enterprise to develop and host ‘The Regenerate Movement’, a bespoke series of events designed to tap into their supplier relationships and unlock true supplier and enterprise value.   Over the course of 5 months, Siemens and Enterprise worked closely with their suppliers, GEOTAB, TripShift, Fleet Operations, Energy Saving...

Bayer INL Nov 2022

Organisations across the world are entering periods of uncertainty. And with the rising number of issues Procurement are facing, the best way to tackle them is together with your supply chain. But to ensure your supplier are fully aligned with your vision, organisations need to engage in regular supplier events. Something Bayer has already started with their Igniting Networks Live event series. And with the successful completion of their second Igniting Network Live event, the true value of hosting regular events is already shining through.


Gender Equality within Procurement is an element that, more often than not, gets lost within the discourse of ESG commitments and goals. To remedy this, Logitech, alongside their fellow members at The Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement, hosted their very first supplier day, spotlighting the efforts organisations can and should be doing to establish gender parity as an industry standard within Procurement. To enhance their efforts, Supplier Day introduced one of our most important and effective values, Strategic Empathy. Designed to hone the event’s audiences, messaging, and content, Supplier Day works closely with the Coalition to deliver a thought-provoking event, in an empathetic manner.

What is a Supplier Day and Why is it important?

Supplier days has been around for years, and yet many organisations know very little about what it is and just how much it can help them. Suppliers are one of the most valuable assets within any organisation but in order to foster stronger relationships and gain alignment on your core values, you need more than your standard forms of communications. You need a supplier day!


After two years of unprecedented disruption, Bayer wanted to engage its most valued suppliers in a redesign of how they would collaborate and grow together going forwards... with sustainability at the core. Having worked with Supplier Day on its bi-annual Bayer Supplier Day in November 2021, Bayer is now restructuring its supply chain collaboration programme to feature more frequent virtual events, large and small, to capture the true power of its supplier community.