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f2f supplier events

In this era of virtual connectivity and digital experiences, the relevance of in-person events remains a burning question. There’s no doubt that the best supplier event programme is one that combines both virtual and in-person experiences to leverage the strengths of both formats. Regardless, the investment that hosting an in-person event requires means that we...

Virtual Event & Webinars

Virtual Events and Webinars - Two popular forms of online events hosted by organisations and their Procurement functions, but how are they different and which will deliver higher levels of supplier alignment and buy-in? Recognising the limitations of their previous webinars, PharmaCo - one of the world’s large pharmaceutical organisations - hosted a virtual supplier summit in a strategic effort to communicate their sustainability targets to their suppliers and foster a two-way dialogue. Their goal was to move their supplier away from simply advocating sustainable practices to actively making impactful changes.

What is Supplier Branding and why should you care

At Supplier Day, we strongly believe that the concept of Customer of Choice is no longer fit for purpose. Organisations and their Procurement Functions need to shift their focus beyond their strategic suppliers and onto the value any supplier can provide, especially when they feel passionate and excited about a particular initiative. And the best way to do this is by creating their very own Supplier Branding.