The Regen Movement: Part 2

Now that you know why we created the Regen Movement, it is time to delve more into what the Regen Movement is, and the different elements that combine together to form the Regen Journey.


The Regen Movement: Part 2
What is the Regen Movement?


The Regen Movement is your collaboration network! Leveraging the best of your suppliers, the Regen Movement is a journey specially designed to bring bright ideas and working brains together to develop innovative ideas that benefit an organisation’s stakeholders, suppliers, and even their consumers.

Find out more about why we created the Regen Movement via The Regen Movement: Part 1 here.


What are the Regen Stages:


Stage One: The Regen Discoveries

Stage Two: The Regen Collectives

Stage Three: The Regen Boards



Who is it for?


Organisations that require new and innovative solutions to their corporate challenges, hindering their ability to achieve their social/environmental goals. Collaborating with suppliers unlocks the hidden supplier and enterprise value that allows you to achieve your goals while strengthening your SRM strategy.


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