Monthly Reflections: December 2021

Theme of the Month: 2021 has been quite the year

2021 has been filled with highs and lows. For many of us, the prospect of entering 2021 was akin to entering a test phase, we knew what we had to do but had little idea on how it would turn out. If we could go back in time and talk to our early 2021 self, we would all say the same thing: “It might seem like a daunting year, but don’t worry! Keep believing in yourself and it’ll all work out”.

And it has… in fact it has exceeded our expectations in so many ways.

 At Supplier Day, we successfully held 3 virtual events for our clients: Siemens, Bayer, and BAT. Our events reached thousands of suppliers over multiple continents and were instrumental in the delivery of vital information for our clients’ long term agenda.


Whether it was delivering new ESG goals or introducing a new way of working, it has been an honour to help our clients reach their vast supply chains to foster deeper and more meaningful relationships.

We even planted 16,900 trees as a thank you, from us and the environment, to each of the speakers that took the time to participate with their respective supplier day!

When we delve into how 2021 has shaped us personally, there have been many notable moments. For one, our team has increased. What once was a one-(wo)man band has increased 5 fold as new members joined our small start-up and have perfectly tuned into the essence of Supplier Day. Despite being spread over 3 different countries and timezones, we have managed to rely on each other for help no matter what.

In essence, our team has been practicing exactly what we help our clients to do: open communication that helps you to achieve your goals!

For anyone who is staring into the face of 2022 and may be worried about what lies ahead, you are not the only one. The new year is portrayed as a time to hit the ground running with new goals, schemes, and strategies but it is not a requirement. You only hold a responsibility to manage your time and your year for your benefit, and if that requires you to start differently from others, then embrace it. Your journey into the new year may be different but it will be worth it!